Danielle has experience in writing screenplays, poetry, songs, and prose with a knack for writing comedy.

Having studied Creative Writing in her undergrad, Danielle has experience writing screenplays, poetry, songs, and short stories. People tell her that her comedies are much stronger than her dramas. After taking a long look at her life and past experiences she can see why. But that’s for her to know and you to find out through her future films. Her patron is: [non existent]

Danielle is incapable of writing a story without social or political topics. Her strong advocacy heavily influences her work and pushes her continuous fight for the voiceless. Including herself. Though she is often recognized as the loudest person in the room; when at home in social distancing.

Danielle wrote a majority of the films that she’s directed thus far. She studied screenwriting at Towson university under Marc May and Michael Angelella. At Dodge, she took screenwriting classes with Paul Wolanski during her first year. Like most filmmakers, Danielle hopes to continue writing films for her to produce, only she hopes to do it well. Bold Joke? She agrees. 

Sample Poetry

A Instagram Post (here)

Tonight is another taken
chewed and spit out
by dying thoughts
that still live on.
is a minds meditation
on the over powering worries
that don’t get attention.

Honey Moon

I heard they’re going to blow up the moon.
This is terrible news for romantics who have resolved to drown in its waves.
I have a solution for you and me.
We’ll take off running to coat the orb with honey so we’ll stick
Starry eyed we’ll look up at the blue
Holding hands in our favorite place
And at the end of the world
Angels will cheer as they blow us further into space.

Collaborating is Caring

I’m always excited to work with new people. Shoot me a message and we’ll get to planning.