Plan Bee (2017)

Plan Bee is about an entomology major who wants to study abroad to observe the Western Australian Bees. However, after a condom malfunction, she takes a plan b to keep control of her body just how a queen bee has complete control of her reproductive system.

Plan Bee (Trailer)

This is the second version of Plan Bee. The first was completely lost due to a hard drive failure. Danielle believes the story benefited from the reshoot, and was further matured by her passionate and diligent crew.

The film includes two stop motion animations, one being bees drawn with chalk markers shot on camera, and the other being of the main actors ‘shot’ with an Epson scanner.

The scenes on a Bee Farm were filmed at The Bee Folks bee farm. Danielle is very glad to be friends with Lori Titus, bee keeper, actress, and mother of 4 young actors!

Collaborating is Caring

I’m always excited to work with new people. Shoot me a message and we’ll get to planning.